Need to generate barcodes to manage your inventory, track your products, or label shipments?  Seagull Scientific BarTender is a cost-effective and convenient solution suitable for large and small businesses—even start-ups on a limited budget.

The latest version of Seagull Scientific BarTender, BarTender 2016, includes exciting new features such as Print Portal, Administration Console, and Integration Builder, streamlining barcode printing even for enterprise-scale businesses.

In this in-depth spotlight, we will explore the features of Seagull Scientific BarTender along with its pros and cons so that you can decide whether BarTender 2016 would be a good fit for your business.

What is Seagull Scientific BarTender?

Seagull Scientific BarTender is a barcode printing software program.  With it, you can create unique barcodes and export them to other applications or print them out.  BarTender makes it easy to generate barcodes with more than 400 pre-formatted barcode components available.

Who Is Seagull Scientific?

Seagull Scientific is a well-established name among manufacturers of barcode label printing software. Since 1985, the company has been an industry innovator; Seagull Scientific actually pioneered the first Windows print drivers way back in the day along with the first Windows program ever for industrial label printers.

Who Should Consider Buying Seagull Scientific BarTender?

Seagull Scientific BarTender is a very popular program around the world, boasting hundreds of thousands of users.  But is it right for you?   What kinds of companies purchase barcode printing software?

  • Small start-up companies that need an affordable and streamlined solution for printing barcodes for their products.
  • Huge enterprise businesses that require a comprehensive labeling solution for inventory management.
  • Producers and distributors in the food industry who need to conform to strict food labeling requirements and food allergen labeling laws.
  • Hospitals, pharmaceutical companies, and other businesses in the medical industry that must meet mandatory healthcare labeling requirements.
  • Chemical distributors and manufacturers who need to meet labeling standards such as GHS.
  • Businesses that require functionality which goes beyond barcodes.  With Seagull Scientific BarTender, you can also create magnetic stripe and smart cards and encode RFID tags.

These are just a few examples of businesses and sectors which can benefit from the best barcode generator software.

What About Free Barcode Printing Software?

Many companies are tempted to search for a free barcode generator online. For some very small businesses starting on a shoestring, this may be a sensible way to get started. But for any business that can afford it, purchasing professional software like Seagull Scientific BarTender 2016 is a must.

Again, with BarTender, you are getting a lot more than just a barcode printing program. You simply are not going to find this kind of functionality and support in a free program.

Plus, there is a free Seagull Scientific BarTender 30-day trial. So you can test out the product yourself at absolutely no risk.

Getting Started with Seagull Scientific BarTender

Within a matter of minutes, an experienced user can get started printing barcodes with Seagull Scientific BarTender. It is even possible to optimize the print speed of the software based on the specifications of your specific printer or marking device.

With the Professional Edition, you can import data from Excel, CSV files and databases and also encode RFID labels. All editions allow you to design custom forms for data entry.

In terms of ease-of-use, some users who were brand new to barcode printing suites reported that they initially found BarTender a bit overwhelming, but as they adjusted, they were impressed with the richness of features offered.

Seagull Scientific BarTender Features

  • Available in four editions: Basic, Professional, Automation, and Enterprise Automation.
  • Includes over 400 preformatted barcode components and 60 barcode symbologies.
  • Full support included for GS1 standards.
  • Print Portal (new in BarTender 2016) allows you to go through a browser window to print from any desktop or laptop.  On a mobile device?  Download the Print Portal app for Android or iOS.
  • Print-time information capture is included with BarTender.  Many other barcode printing software applications require you to buy add-ons to support this functionality.
  • Numerous automated printing features are provided, including Intelligent Templates, printing in response to SDK requests, file drops and TCP/IP socket communication, and group and user roles for additional security. You also can integrate BarTender with your existing Oracle and SAP solutions.  Note that these features are not available in the Basic or Professional editions, only in the Automation and Enterprise Automation editions.
  • BarTender allows for advanced serialization, two-sided card design (for magnetic stripe and smart cards), and RFID encoding.

Seagull Scientific BarTender Pros:

  • Features are rich and diverse. The emphasis in BarTender is all on customization. You can streamline and automate the entire printing process from start to finish. Both input and output options are incredibly comprehensive.
  • The licensing system is based on the number of printers, not the number of computers. For many businesses, this results in serious cost savings.
  • Seagull Scientific is a solid company. With decades of experience in the industry and first class support, Seagull has you covered. If you need help at any time, you can check out the webinars and videos the company provides on their website.

Seagull Scientific BarTender Cons:

  • First-time users may find Seagull Scientific BarTender less than intuitive during the setup process.  Nonetheless, most customers do report that the program was easy to use after they learned the ropes.
  • Cost may be prohibitive for some smaller start-ups.  Make sure you do the math though—you may very well find that some competing programs which appear less expensive actually add up to more because they are licensed per-computer.


Seagull Scientific BarTender Gives You Unparalleled Control Over Your Barcode Printing Operations

For those searching for a cost-effective, customizable solution to print barcodes from Excel, CSV files, and other sources, BarTender has a lot to offer.  Seagull Scientific was one of the industry’s leading pioneers clear back in the 80s and continues to set the standard today.  So whether you are a small business owner just starting out or you run a huge enterprise company, you should find that Seagull Scientific BarTender provides the full flexibility and support you need to print barcodes now and as your business grows.