You will find that there are a number of benefits associated with K-Sun Epson LabelWorks label printers, and it is highly recommended that you take a look at what some of them are before making a decision.

Epson LW PX900 Main Image

Epson LW-PX900

The Epson LW-PX900 label maker offers a wide range of benefits, including the ability to save quite a bit of money on wasted tape with its short 4mm lead margin. Another great thing about this mobile label printer is that it is able to print labels very quickly, up to 35mm per second. It prints label widths up to 36mm (1.5”), so it has quite a versatile design that will meet the needs of most users.

Those who use the LW-PX900 will be able to print on shrink tube up to 21mm (7/8”) wide, and the printing resolution is crystal clear at 360 dpi. You will also be able to print on die-cut square, circle, or oval supplies. K-Sun Epson LabelWorks mobile printers like this one allow for use with a wide range of materials and supplies. These label makers use tape cartridges that are inexpensive and produce more labels than ever before.

There are also “Drop-Stop” and “Pick-and-Print” features that can be extremely helpful when it comes to providing users with a quick and simple way to print labels anywhere. The industrial strength removable magnets that come with the full kit are very durable and highly useful for those who want to make magnet labels. All of the data can be stored and uploaded to the printer with the proper software and a simple USB cable.

The integrated handle that these label printers come with makes them very easy to transport, which is particularly nice for those who spend a lot of time doing this type of work in the field.

LW-PX700Epson LW PX700 Main Image

The LW-PX700 is one of the best label printers on the market, and some of the benefits it offers include:

  • Professional-grade design: This label maker produces industrial strength labels and wire markers that range from 1/8” to 1” wide.
  • Time effective: When you use this label maker, you will save yourself a lot of time because of the unique rollback technology that reduces lead margins to just 4 mm.
  • Lifetime Warranty: Another huge benefit of using this label maker is that you will get a full lifetime warranty with no questions asked.
  • Auto full/half-cut: This feature will allow you to make strips of uniform or mixed-length labels so printing is nice and easy.
  • Lots of memory: You can create or important as many as 100 label designs and custom images.
  • Mobile design: The built-in handle makes carrying and using this device in the field very easy.
  • Create specialty labels: You can use the LW-PX700 to create a variety of things, including strong adhesive and reflective tapes, self-adhesive labels, magnetic tape, barcode labels, and much more.

K-Sun Epson LabelWorks label makers offer a wide range of benefits that make creating labels easier and more efficient than ever before. These devices use innovative designs that are unlike anything else you will find on the market today.