Direct Thermal & Thermal Transfer

Direct Thermal & Thermal Transfer are two methods of label printing and knowing which one you need is important.

Direct ThermalThermal Transfer
DescriptionDirect Thermal is a type of label material and printer.Thermal Thermal is a type of label material and printer.
Requires Ribbon to Print

What is a ribbon?
  • Thermal Ribbons

    A ribbon is like ink for thermal transfer labels and is required to print on thermal transfer labels. It is made of wax, resin, or a combination of both.

  • Heat ResistantNoYes
    Friction ResistantNoYes
    Freezer ResistantNoYes
    Chemical ResistantNoYes
    Scratch ResistantNoYes
    Smudge ResistantNoYes
    Shelf Life1 – 3 months6 – 12 months
    Additional NotesNo ribbon means less cost for printing labels. It also frees up time since no ribbon change is necessary. For short term projects, Direct Thermal is the best choice.For long term projects, Thermal Thermal is the best choice for its extreme durability.
    Best UsesShipping Labels, Receipts, Parking Tickets, & Visitor Passes.Product Labels, Laboratories, Freezers, & Inventory Labels.

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