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Data File Support

TitleDescriptionDownload Link
Data File Format SpecsDatafiles are required if multiple fields exist in a label. They can be provided in Excel format OR comma delimited and need to be formatted according to the type of label being ordered. See the PDF file to ensure your datafile is formatted correctly.Data File Format Specs (pdf)

TSC Printers

TitleDescriptionDownload Link
Diagnostic Tool v1.63TSC’s Diagnostic Utility is an integrated tool incorporating features that enable you to explore a printer’s settings/status; change a printer’s settings; download graphics, fonts and firmware; create a printer bitmap font; and send additional commands to a printer. With the aid of this powerful tool, you can review printer status and settings in an instant, which makes it much easier to troubleshoot problems and other issues.TSC Diagnostic Tool v1.63 (zip)
Diagnostic Tool Quick Start GuideRead this to understand how to use the Diagnostic Tool.Diagnostic Tool Quick Start Guide (pdf)

Unitech HT630

TitleDescriptionDownload Link
uTransferA simple program to transfer data to your computer.uTransfer_setup (zip)
USB DriverInstall this is your computer is unable to install a driver automatically. Most modern devices will be able to.Unitech HT630 USB Driver Setup (zip)
JobGen + PTComm ManagerJobGen Plus is a programming tool that will enable users to generate their own data collection applications.JobGenPlus (zip)
PTComm ManagerA tool to view and transfer data on your device.PTComm Manager (zip)
uTransfer User GuideManual for uTransfer.uTransfer User Guide (pdf)
JobGen Plus ManualManual for JobGen Plus.JobGen Plus Manual (pdf)
HT630 Programming Guide for C LanguageGuide on how to create your own program in C language.HT630 Programming Guide for C Language (pdf)


TitleDescriptionDownload Link
BarTender TSC Driver Installer 7.3.8Installs drivers for TSC printers to be used with BarTender. Windows version.BarTender TSC Driver Installer 7.3.8 (zip)
Printer DriversDrivers for almost every printer.Printer Drivers (link)
Software Trial | Web InstallerFastest way to install. 9MB.Bartender Trial 10.1 Web Installer (zip)
Software Trial | Full InstallerFor multiple installation. 269MB.Bartender Trial 10.1 Full Installer (zip)
Spec SheetSpec sheet with more details about BarTender.Spec Sheet (pdf)
Ultralite Version 10.1Barebones version of BarTender. More information here.Ultralite 10.1 (form)