Barcode Scanning Apps for an iPad, iPhone, Nexus, or other Apple and Android devices are not ideal — Bluetooth Barcode Scanners are.

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Why do I need one?

Apple iPhone Bluetooth Barcode Scanner | All Barcode Systems

Scenario #1: Barcode Scanner + Computer / Laptop / Terminal

A normal barcode scanner connected to a computer is affordable but it lacks the ability to store data, edit data, and transfer data on its own. It also ALWAYS has to be connected to a computer or terminal to work.

Scenario #2: Mobile Computer

If you are you looking for a barcode scanner that can store, edit, and transfer data on-the-go then Mobile Computers are a good choice but can cost up to $800+, be extremely bulky, and may not fit an aesthetic environment (art galleries, museums, book stores, etc.). A Mobile Computer is basically a barcode scanner and computer in one device with the computer part being the most expensive part.  If you needed multiple Mobile Computers, cost can rise up dramatically.

Scenario #3: Bluetooth Barcode Scanner + Smart Device

Smart devices (phones, tablets) are everywhere. Having a smart device is like already having the most expensive part of a Mobile Computer available  with thousands of apps and is really easy to use — but you still need a barcode scanner. That’s where Bluetooth Barcode Scanners come in.

By already owning a smart device, you can save $200-$500 and put together a ‘Faux-Mobile-Computer’ by owning a Bluetooth Barcode Scanner.

Comparison Table

Wired/Wireless Barcode Scanner + Computer / TerminalMobile ComputerBluetooth Barcode Scanner + Smart Device
Data StorageCan only be stored on a computer / terminalData can be stored on the device itself.Data can be stored on the device itself.
Data ModificationCan only be modified from a computer / terminal.Can be modified on the device itself.Can be modified on the smart device.
Data TransferCan only be transferred from a computer / terminal.Can be transferred to another Mobile Computer, Central Database, & Computer.Can be transferred to another Smart Device, Central Database, & Computer.
SoftwareHundreds of software available.Hundreds of software available.Hundreds of apps available.
Cost$330 – $800+

(Minus $300-$500+ if you already own a computer)

$500 – $1000+$300 – $600+

(Minus $150 – $300 if you already own a Smart Device)

In summary,  Bluetooth Barcode Scanners are extremely mobile and convenient if you already have a smart device. Simply pair the Bluetooth Barcode Scanner with a smart device of choice and begin collecting data. Even if you do not have a smart device, there are hundred of options for smart devices that is sure to fit your budget.

Which Bluetooth Barcode Scanner?

Bluetooth Barcode Scanners from CipherLab and Unitech are our favorite choices. Both companies have been designing  barcode scanners and mobile computers for years so their experiences and knowledge within the barcode scanner industry is a big plus.

The CipherLab 1660/1661 Series, Unitech MS910,  Unitech MS912, and Unitech MS920 are our featured choices for smart Android & Apple devices. All 3 devices are pocket sized but have some differences to tailor to your needs.

CipherLab 1660 1661 Series | Bluetooth Scanner | All Barcode Systems

CipherLab 1660 / 1661 Series

Smaller than your mobile phone, the 1660 series packs a lot of versatility in such a handy package. The 1660 series delivers thousands of scans and over a day of work on a pair of replaceable AAA batteries or the option of environmental- friendly rechargeable Li-ion batteries. What’s more, when used as a memory scanner, the 1660 series holds over 10 thousand scans.

CipherLab 1660/1661 Series Specs (pdf)

Unitech MS910 | Wireless Barcode Scanner | All Barcode Systems

Unitech MS910

Do you need to scan barcode data into your Smartphone or Tablet app quickly and easily? Then check out the Unitech MS910 mini wireless Bluetooth barcode scanner. Unitech launched its ultra compact or mini barcode reader MS910, which is being recognized as the smallest and most elegant design in its class. The MS910 is an “out of the box” data collection solution as well as a stylish accessory.

Unitech MS910 Specs (pdf)

Unitech MS910 Overview (video)

Unitech MS912 | Bluetooth Barcode Scanner

Unitech MS912

New mini barcode reader MS912 series which is being recognized as the smallest model in its class is released by Unitech. Combining wireless communication and compact design, MS912 series gives mobile worker many places to keep it conveniently and safely while on the go. For maximum flexibility, Unitech also unveils the family model MS912M which is built-in a storage capacity of 2MB memory in case of the data lost issue.

Unitech MS912 Specs (pdf)

Unitech MS912 vs iPhone Barcode App(video)

Unitech MS920 | Wireless Barcode Scanner | All Barcode Systems

Unitech MS920

Unitech MS920 is a new generation of wireless 2D barcode scanner that doubles the excellent decoding performance in a pocket-sized enclosure. Thanks to its compact & lightweight design for easy mobility, MS920 allows enterprises to simply scan and transmit 1D and 2D barcode in real time to the host wirelessly or to store scanned data in the built-in memory.

Unitech MS920 Specs (pdf)

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