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  • All versions of the asset tracking software give you the ability to filter reports, so you get exactly the information you need. The self-hosted and SaaS versions also allow you to create saved reports, which is helpful if you want to run the same report on a regular basis.

  • All versions of RedBeam Asset Tracking give you the ability to restrict access to the system for different users by area or location.

  • If you make a change to an asset in the self-hosted or SaaS versions of RedBeam, the change will be visible to everyone right away. In the PC version, you’ll need to sync your handheld device periodically to update the system.

  • The self-hosted version of RedBeam supports Microsoft’s Active Directory service, which is included in most Windows Server operating systems.

  • The SaaS version resides on the Microsoft® Azure™ Cloud hosted services platform, and there are no storage limits or fees based on data usage.

  • The Web API enables developers to pull data from the RedBeam system for use with other applications. This is only available in the self-hosted and SaaS versions.

  • All versions of RedBeam Asset Tracking provide the ability to take periodic physical inventories so you can see what’s missing or moved and for audit purposes.

  • Barcode label printing provides the ability to print barcode labels on any printer that uses Windows drivers. Use pre-printed labels with the SaaS version.

  • All versions allow you to create custom fields, including text, checkboxes, and dropdowns. The SaaS version also allows you to easily rename existing fields as needed.

  • All versions make importing asset data from existing spreadsheets quick and painless.

  • Annual support is optional and includes unlimited phone, web and email alerts, as well as system updates. If you initially choose not to purchase support, you can always do so later. Support comes free with the SaaS version.

  • iOS-supported versions give you access to your asset tracking software from the browser on any iOS phone or tablet, using a free app available in the iTunes store.

  • Android-supported versions give you access to your asset tracking application from the browser on any Android phone or tablet, using a free app available in the Google Play store.

  • RedBeam Asset Tracking is designed to work on all mobile devices running the Windows Mobile 6.5 operating system, including Enterprise-Class mobile devices from leading manufacturers like Zebra Technologies, Honeywell and Unitech.

  • RFID-enabled versions give you the ability to easily encode RFID tags and take periodic physical inventories using RFID. This is especially helpful in situations where tags are hard to get to or when you have lots of assets close together.

  • The ability to scan barcodes is a key component of the fixed asset tracking system. Barcode technology streamlines the asset tracking process up to 70%.

  • Unlimited locations. You’ll never pay more to add another building or room. Unlimited assets. You’ll never pay more to add more computers, desks or equipment. Track everything without ever having to worry about additional fees.

  • Licensing for the PC-based version is per PC workstation and includes unlimited mobile device licenses. Licensing for web-based asset tracking is per named user, meaning that user can access the system