QR (Quick Response) Codes is a 2D barcode. The benefits of a 2D barcodes is that it can hold 30% to 50% more data than a standard 1D barcode on the same label size.

  • QR Codes can hold over 1500 alphanumeric characters.
  • QR codes can be dynamic, meaning you can change the data without creating a new QR code.
  • With the right device, QR codes can be read extremely fast.

With the same data as a QR code, a standard barcode becomes too long and difficult to read with a standard barcode scanner. A more expensive high density barcode scanner would be required.

For storing a lot of data, like URLs, in a tiny amount of space, QR codes is a perfect option.

It’s a popular barcode for marketing promotions since smart phones can read QR codes but it also has uses in manufacturing for product tracking.

QR codes can be read by most modern smartphones using barcode scanning apps. Another way to read them is using a barcode scanner or mobile computer equipped with a 2D imager.

There are many free QR code generators online that allow you to obtain a single QR code. For serialized QR codes, a barcoding software like Seagull Scientific BarTender or NiceLabel is required. Serialization will allow you to print multiple QR codes with different numbers/data in each QR code which will allow you to track individual products or marketing promotion.

The best way to print QR codes on labels is with a barcoding software which will give you a lot of additional configurations when printing.