There have been multiple price increases this year and another one is coming.

Direct Thermal and Thermal Transfer Labels

Why is there another price increase?

The recent inflationary environment impacting our market has brought another price increase this year. We have been receiving letters from all of our material suppliers, sighting raw material pricing, freight and overall availability as key components for increasing the cost of pressure-sensitive materials.

Over the past year, this inflationary trend has especially accelerated in selected paper products like Direct Thermal, where dramatic shortages on supply of critical raw materials have significantly increased prices. We expect to continue to see more increases, but do not know when or how much of an impact they will have on our industry.

Here is a presentation from a material supplier explaining the details driving the material and freight increases, as well as low availability of pressure-sensitive materials.

From the last price increase in October, here are letters from major raw material manufacturers indicating that material costs for both paper and film label stocks are going up across the board.

What does this mean for me?

Prices will increase effective November 15, 2018.

  • Label material costs will go up between 2% to 4%.

What will happen in the future?

We will continue to work with our suppliers to minimize this trend. We are committed to providing you with quality labeling products at a competitive price, and we thank you for your trust and business.