On January 7, 2019, Zebra increased the list price by 1% on hardware products and EVM service contracts by 4%. Actual price increases vary slightly due to rounding to the nearest whole dollar for most products.

Reasons for Change

The United States government recently imposed ten percent (10%) import tariffs on certain goods imported from China that are either sold or shipped to the U.S. Zebra’s one percent (1%) list price increase on hardware, and four percent (4%) list price increase on EVM Services, will partially offset Zebra’s increased costs.

Please Note

  • Barcode Supplies, Card Supplies, Aftermarket Parts and Software are excluded from list price increases
  • Solution Builder will reflect the new list prices as of the Effective Date
  • Zebra reserves the right to limit order quantities and/or allocate product supply of all impacted products
  • All policies pertaining to the price increase communicated on November 26, 2019 apply to this increase

Why is Zebra raising the price of all hardware by one percent (1%) when most Zebra hardware is not impacted by these tariffs?

Costs are increasing by ten percent (10%) on products imported from China. The one percent (1%) price increase on some of these products does not offset Zebra’s full cost increase. Additionally, the one percent (1%) broad-based increase will help offset the higher costs of our bundled product kits in which the impacted accessories are included.

Why is Zebra raising the price of all EVM Services by four percent (4%)?

Many repair parts for EVM products are manufactured in China and their cost is increasing by ten percent (10%). The four percent (4%) list price increase for new service contracts partially offsets this cost.

What about new price concessions that are being worked on before January 7, 2019?

Effective immediately, all price concessions, renewals or extensions approved prior to January 7, 2019 must reflect the new higher list prices or must expire on or before January 7, 2019. All price concessions approved, renewed or extended after January 7, 2019 must reflect the new list prices.

How will Zebra promotions be impacted by the list price increase?

Any promotion calculated as a percentage discount off list price will be impacted by the list price Increase on or after January 7, 2019. Partner costs will increase and should be passed on to the end user.

What will happen to the list prices if the tariffs are rescinded or mitigated?

Zebra will evaluate its options and determine any future pricing actions at that time. The tariffs are impacting almost every electronics manufacturer importing from China. Zebra is aggressively looking at alternative manufacturing, supply chain and other options to mitigate them. As those plans materialize, Zebra will seek to adapt pricing accordingly.

Will existing Service PC pricing be honored through the expiration of the Service PC?


Are new quotes and renewals reflecting the price increase?