Zebra Trade-In Rebate

Yesterday’s technology is no match for today’s challenges.

How well your front line performs depends in great part on the technology used. If it’s outdated, it’s not made to outsmart errors, delays and complexity. Give workers the tools to get the job done. Go from lagging legacies to leading-edge solutions with the trade-in program.

Swap setbacks for savings on smarter, harder-working technology:

  • Exchange complicated workflows for one-step simplicity
  • Work nonstop with technology built tough
  • Remotely manage with set-it-and-forget-it ease
  • Preempt problems before they become disruptions

Rebates made real simple:

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Purchase a qualified product

Regardless of which qualifying product you select, you can be sure it’s purpose-built to improve productivity, lower costs and raise customer satisfaction.

Submit your reclaim form

Register for your rebate by completing a trade-in application within 90 days of invoice date.

Trade in your legacy devices

After the claim is successfully completed and approved, you will receive a Trade-in Merchandise Authorization (TMA) with instructions.

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Where intelligence goes, performance follows.

Staying one step ahead takes mobile computers and tablets that are ahead of their class in intelligence. Smart enough to shave workloads and sharpen decision-making. Ones made for the daily grind that won’t come to a grinding halt. That’s how you put answers at your workers’ fingertips and time on their side. See how eligible Zebra mobile computers and tablets move the performance needle.

Purchase Mobile Computer/TabletEnd User Rebate
MC9300, TC8300, TC8000, VC80, VC80X, VC83$250
MC3300, WT6000$200
L10 Rugged Tablets (XBOOK, XSLATE, XPAD) TC77, TC75X, TC72$100
TC70X, TC57, TC56, TC52, TC52-HC, TC51, TC51-HC$75

Shorter checkouts. Safer care. Superior service.

From the checkout line to the production line, from the hospital room to the stockroom, capture critical data the first time. Every time. In no time. Without errors. Exchange qualified scanners for next-generation, productivity regenerators that push the edge of what’s possible.

Purchase Barcode ScannersEnd User Rebate
DS8108, DS8108-HC$25
DS8178, DS8178-HC$25
DS3608, DS3678$25
DS4308, DS4308-HC$20
LI3608, LI3678$20
DS2208, DS2278 $$15

Unwavering performance for unyielding demands.

Your printer has to work. Period. In blazing heat, frigid cold and pouring rain. Whether dropped or dirtied. It will if it’s a Zebra printer for your needs, environments and challenges. Ready to trade downtime for uptime, all the time? Choose from the listed printers. All will upgrade confidence, while offsetting costs.

Purchase PrintersRebateZebra ONECARE RebateTotal Possible Rebate
ZT620, 220Xi4$500$50$550
ZE500, ZE500R$500-$500
ZT510, ZT420, ZT421, ZT411, ZT410 $100$50$150
ZQ630, ZQ620, ZQ620-HC, ZQ610, ZQ610-HC, ZQ520$100$25$125
ZQ510, ZQ320, ZQ310, QLn420$75$25$100
ZT220, ZT230$50$25$75
Card PrintersRebateZebra ONECARE RebateTotal Possible Rebate
ZXP Series 9 Dual-Sided Laminator$600$50$650
ZXP Series 9 Single-Sided Laminator, ZXP Series 9 Dual-Sided$450$50$500
ZXP Series 7 Dual-Sided Laminator$400$50$450
ZXP Series 7 Single-Sided Laminator$300$50$350
ZXP Series 7 Dual-Sided$250$50$300
ZXP Series 9 Single-Sided$225$50$275
ZC300 Dual-Sided, ZC350 Dual Sided$200$25$225
ZXP Series 7 Single-Sided$125$50$175
ZC300 Single-Sided, ZC350 Single-Sided$100$25$125

Give on-the-go printers more staying power.

Your printer has to work. Period. In blazing heat, frigid cold and pouring rain. Whether dropped or dirtied. It will if it’s a Zebra printer for your needs, environments and challenges. Ready to trade downtime for uptime, all the time? Choose from the listed printers. All will upgrade confidence, while offsetting costs.

Earn $20 cash back on Zebra’s new Dual 3-Slot Battery Charger when you trade in the Quad Battery Charger. Zebra’s Dual 3-Slot Battery Charger is designed to simultaneously charge up to six PowerPrecision+ batteries from a single AC outlet. The Dual 3-Slot Battery Charger supports the following PowerPrecision+ batteries:

  • ZQ610/ZQ620/QLn220/QLn320/ZQ500 Standard Battery Packs
  • QLn220/QLn320/ZQ500 Extended Battery
  • ZQ610/ZQ620/QLn220/QLn320 Healthcare Battery Packs
  • ZQ630/QLn420 Battery Packs
End User Purchase the Following Zebra Dual 3 Slot ChargerEligible Zebra Trade-in SKUEnd User Rebate

As lithium-ion batteries age, their performance degrades. Less uptime, longer charge times and constantly swapping out batteries will only slow down your operations. Make the smart move, and get rewarded, by refreshing your mobile printer batteries with GO Zebra. Just trade in your old batteries — including select competitor’s models — and replace them with new Zebra Batteries to earn $10 cash back for every qualifying purchase.

Purchase Any of the Following Zebra Mobile Printer BatteriesEligible Zebra Trade-in SKUsEnd User Rebate
ZQ610/ZQ620/QLn220/QLn320/ZQ500 Standard Battery PackP1031365-059, P1031365-025, BTRY-MPP-34MA1-01$10
ZQ630/QLn420 BatteryP1050667-016, BTRY-MPP-68MA1-01$10
QLn220/QLn320 Healthcare Battery ZQ610/ZQ620P0165668-018, BTRY-MPP-34MAHC1-01$10
iMZ SeriesAK18353-1$10
ZQ320 & ZQ310BTRY-MPM-22MA1-01$10
ZQ110P1070125-107 P1070125-108 P1070125-007 P1070125-008$10

1. This offer is being made from Zebra Technologies to end users in the form of a rebate for purchases made between January 1, 2020 and December 31, 2020.

2. The Program applies to new purchases of qualifying devices ( the “Qualifying Products”). End users must purchase Qualifying Products from a Zebra® PartnerConnect reseller (“Reseller”).

3. The Program website at www.zebra.com/gozebra sets forth the rebate amount associated with the purchase of each Qualifying Product.

4. For mobile computers, any manufacturers’ brand or model of mobile handheld device with a display equal to or greater than 2” is eligible to be traded in, including Zebra, Motorola, Psion, Symbol and Telxon.

5. For printers, any Zebra or competitive thermal barcode or card printer is eligible to be traded in, but must power up and include the printhead.

6. For scanners, traded-in scanners must be comparable to the one being purchased.

7. For batteries, traded-in batteries must be comparable to the one being purchased and must be a separate line item on the Reseller invoice. Trade-ins from alternate battery suppliers are also eligible for trade-in. Any end user participating in Zebra’s battery maintenance or battery refresh programs is not eligible for this Program. Only the charger listed is available for trade-in.

8. The end user cannot combine this with any other offer, promotion or special pricing (“Special Pricing”) provided by Zebra to the Reseller as part of the same transaction. It is the responsibility of end users to verify with their Resellers that such Resellers have not purchased the Qualifying Products at Special Pricing.

9. Rebate claims must be completed online and eligible trade-in devices must be received by Zebra no later than 90 days from the date of your Reseller’s invoice.

10. Rebates will be issued for each traded-in product, one-for-one, based on the number of Qualifying Products purchased.

11. The end user may choose to utilize the Program more than one time.

12. Zebra reserves the right to change, cancel, modify or end the Program at any time with or without notice.

13. GO Zebra is available only to Zebra end users in the continental U.S. (excluding Alaska, Hawaii, and US territories) and Canada.

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